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  • How to Make Thick Yogurt

    How to Make Thick Yogurt

    How to Thicken Yogurt for a Creamy, Delicious Treat Nothing is better than a good thick yogurt as a side dish to Persian Khoresh and polo rice. If you are buying yogurt, then buy the Greek yogurt as this is already traditionally thick but I prefer to my own homemade yogurt. I often get asked […]

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  • Yoghurt


    Yoghurt is a dairy product produced by adding a culture to milk and allowing to incubate producing a thick substance. Yoghurt used in traditional Persian cooking is very thick and unsweetened.Greek yoghurt is a good substitution.

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  • Yoghurt & Cucumber – Mast-o-Khiar

    Yoghurt & Cucumber – Mast-o-Khiar
  • Yogurt and Spinach – Borani Esfenaj

    Yogurt and Spinach – Borani Esfenaj

    Spinach and yogurt goes really well together. This simple recipe combines the flavours of spinach, garlic and yogurt to makes a simple dip, and using frozen spinach makes it a quick and easy accompaniment to a trio of dips. In this recipe I use powdered garlic, not only does this make it quicker to prepare, […]

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  • Pot Yogurt

    Pot Yogurt

    This recipe for pot yogurt has developed over time and now I have 100% success. Always resulting in thick, creamy yogurt every time, regardless of how little or how much I make. Sometimes I will make as much as 8 kgs at a time, and give extra to my boys when they come over with […]

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  • Yogurt Drink – Doogh

    Yogurt Drink – Doogh

    Doogh, a Persian yogurt drink, is very refreshing, and a must with any Persian Kebab. It is surprisingly easy to make, and even more so if you have a Soda Stream to give you soda water on demand. Any plain natural yogurt can be used for this recipe, but the thicker the yogurt, the more […]

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