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  • Brown Rice Zucchini Cakes

    Brown Rice Zucchini Cakes

    Try brown rice zucchini cakes as a healthy and nutritious snack for picnics or a light lunch. Turmeric adds that Persian touch. I often makes these delicious rice cakes as a lunch box filler for my hungry boys. This recipes uses the absorption method for cooking the rice. This is referred to in Farsi as […]

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  • Baghali Polo – Rice with Broad Beans, Dill & Chicken

    Baghali Polo – Rice with Broad Beans, Dill & Chicken

    Baghali Polo is a traditional rice dish combining the flavours of the delicate Broad bean with Dill. This recipe includes chicken and becomes a complete meal. Although it can be a little time consuming to remove the outer husks from the bread bean, it is a quick and easy Iranian meal, served with Yoghurt, mixed […]

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  • Easy Adas Polo with Lamb

    Easy Adas Polo with Lamb

    This Adas Polo recipe with Lamb, and although it takes a while to cook, it is one of the easiest Persian recipes. Boil the lamb, onion, turmeric, salt pepper in a pressure cooker until the lamb pieces are well cooked. I usually then place this in fridge over night to remove excess fat that has […]

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  • Kookoo Sabzi – Herb Omelette

    Kookoo Sabzi – Herb Omelette

    Kookoo is a Persian style omelette or frittata. Kooko Sabzi is often served at the New Year celebration – Naw Ruz – Kookoo Sabzi is the most famous and popular of all the Persian Omelettes or Kookoo.

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  • Spinach Pastry

    Spinach Pastry

    A simple and easy pastry to serve as an appetiser or a simple lunch.

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  • Marinated Persian Feta Cheese

    Marinated Persian Feta Cheese

    Marinated Persian Feta Cheese is a wonderful accompaniment to a light lunch or breakfast. And it is a healthy choice. Feta cheese is considered to be one of the healthiest cheeses available. True Persian feta cheese is made from goats or sheep milk making it easier to digest than cows milk based cheeses, combined with […]

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  • Torshe – Mixed Pickles

    Torshe – Mixed Pickles

    Mixed Pickle or Torshe Makhloot is only one of the many versions of pickles coming from the Persian Kitchen. Generally any fresh, in season vegetable can be used. The torshe is traditionally made once a year when the required vegetables are fresh and the family would make enough to last the year.

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  • Yoghurt & Cucumber – Mast-o-Khiar

    Yoghurt & Cucumber – Mast-o-Khiar
  • Yogurt and Spinach – Borani Esfenaj

    Yogurt and Spinach – Borani Esfenaj

    Spinach and yogurt goes really well together. This simple recipe combines the flavours of spinach, garlic and yogurt to makes a simple dip, and using frozen spinach makes it a quick and easy accompaniment to a trio of dips. In this recipe I use powdered garlic, not only does this make it quicker to prepare, […]

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  • Pot Yogurt

    Pot Yogurt

    This recipe for pot yogurt has developed over time and now I have 100% success. Always resulting in thick, creamy yogurt every time, regardless of how little or how much I make. Sometimes I will make as much as 8 kgs at a time, and give extra to my boys when they come over with […]

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  • Eggplant with Buttermilk

  • Salad Olivieh

    Salad Olivieh

    One of the most well known Persian chicken salad, the salad is very similar to Russian salad. There is many variations of Persian Salad Olivieh. Some versions have shredded chicken or you can have a vegetarian Salad Olivieh with boiled eggs. Otherwise known as Persian Potato Salad, you can serve salad olivieh with sliced dill […]

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