Persian Recipes

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  • Ghorabieh – Persian Almond Cookies

    Ghorabieh – Persian Almond Cookies

    Ghorabieh is a soft chewy almond macaroon popular in Iran. This version doesn’t use flour, and is Gluten Free. The rose water and cardamom adds a lovely middle eastern flavour to this cookie. I usually make this recipe when I have left over egg whites from making Tachin or fresh Barbari bread. Traditionally these cookies […]

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  • Sour Cherry and Oat Cookies

    Sour Cherry and Oat Cookies

    Sour cherry and oat cookies is the first of my experimenting with the sour cherries, to add a Persian twist to some of our regular Western recipes. This is a variation of “Crinkle Top Raisin Oatmeal Cookies” I replaced the raisins with sour cherries (albaloo) and the result was quite amazing. The sour cherry added […]

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  • Saffron Butter Cookies

    Saffron Butter Cookies

    These saffron butter cookies are a firm favourite in our household. It is a traditional butter cookie recipe I learnt at Home Economics at High School, with the addition of powdered saffron and crushed pistachio nuts giving it a Persian twist. The trick with this recipe is to make sure that the butter and sugar […]

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