orbital stand mixer

Orbital Stand Mixer

An orbital stand mixer is a good idea to make the delectable Persian sweets. The stand mixer allows you to have both hands free, and the orbital rotation of the mixer ensures that all ingredients in the bowl are mixed evenly.

Tips to consider when choosing an Orbital Stand Mixer

To be able to fully utilise your mixer, be sure to choose one that has a number of different mixing attachments. Mine has a flat beater, a wire whisk, dough hook and a scraper beater. I use them all in different applications.

Choose a mixer that has a planetary action. This saves you having to scrape down the sides of the bowl during mixing.

A tilt head model allows you to easily check the bowl without removing the bowl is highly recommended.

The weight of the Orbital Stand mixer is something to consider. Of course, a heavy mixer is tiresome having to lift it from the cupboard, but when mixing heavy dough, the mixer can “walk” across the kitchen bench if not watched. The heavier the better in this regard.

A metal bowl is a great option as it will not crack if dropped. You can also add hot and cold ingredients without worrying about the bowl cracking with the varying of temperature when making sweets with hot sugary syrups such as our Gaz recipe.

The last item to check is the function of variable speeds, with a timer. I would consider at least 5 – 7 speeds would be necessary to accommodate mixing a heavy dough with the dough hook to whipping cream with the wire whisk.

Below I have chosen a few different Orbital Stand Mixers from Amazon


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