Dried Pitted Sour Cherry - Albaloo

Dried Sour Cherry – Albaloo

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Dried sour cherries are used in many dishes and is otherwise known as the morello cherry. The dried sour cherry or Albaloo has very dark red skin flesh and juice, almost black and tastes quite tart.

As with many fruits in Iran, the dried sour cherry is traditionally dried and used all year around and added to recipes. The fresh summer flavor adds freshness to winter dishes.

Rich in antioxidants and nutrients these dried sour cherries have anti-inflammatory properties and make a delicious health snack.

When I first met my husband in London in 1987, he introduced me to Moraba Albaloo and Lavashk Albaloo. Coming from outback Australia, the sour cherry jam reminded me of the Rosella Jam my Grandma used to make. Although the Albaloo Jam and Lavashak are becoming more readily available in Australia,  I recently found dried sour cherry at Costco  and have been able to experiment with some traditional recipes from my husbands childhood.

Some Sour Cherry Recipes

Sour Cherry and Oat Cookies


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