Persian Rice Cooker

Persian Rice Cooker

A Persian rice cooker is a must for perfect Persian rice every time.

A Persian Rice Cooker is a secret weapon to good tahdig. Be sure that when you purchase your rice cooker that you buy the Persian style rice cooker. Currently there are 2 types of electric rice cookers on the market. The Asian style rice cooker that steams the rice but doesn’t produce that amazing tah dig for which Persian rice is renowned, and the Persian rice cooker. 

A Persian rice cooker can be used for all kinds of Persian rices and rice dishes from Polo to steamed rice and Tahcheen. The non-stick pan and the controlled heating through the timer results in perfect rice and tahdig every time. Great for both plain steamed rice with a rich tahdig, and any layered rice dish such as Baghali Polo and Sabzi Polo. Our easy Adas Polo, where we use the lamb stock to cook the rice, also forms amazing tahdig with a set and forget feature. Just perfect every time.

The Persian rice cooker has a non-stick pan so when you turn out the rice it comes out perfectly every time. The design of the rice cooker allows that high heat towards the end of the cooking to create the crunchy tahdig, but you have to remember to place the tea-towel under the lid. This absorbs the excess steam to ensure that the tahdig doesn’t go soggy.

The electric rice cooker is a must in a busy Persian family, where rice would be served at least 4 – 5 times a week. For our family of 5 we have 2 rice cookers, a 15 cup and a 7 cup. We use the smaller one when it is just our family and the larger one when we have guests, and when we have a lot of guests we will often us both.We use the Pars rice cooker as available from Amazon with the links below.  We ahve been using the smaller one for more than 20 years adn still running perfectly.


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