Persian Recipes

Category: Ingredients

  • Walnuts


    Walnuts are used extensively in Persian Cuisine. The preferred walnut to use is direct fomr the shell, but this can take a lot of time to crack the shells, so it is much easier to use the prepacked walnut kernels.

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  • Dried Sour Cherry – Albaloo

    Dried Sour Cherry – Albaloo

    Dried sour cherries are used in many dishes and is otherwise known as the morello cherry. The dried sour cherry or Albaloo has very dark red skin flesh and juice, almost black and tastes quite tart. As with many fruits in Iran, the dried sour cherry is traditionally dried and used all year around and…

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  • Broad Beans – Baghali

    Broad Beans – Baghali

    Broad beans or Baghali is commonly used around the world. It is also known as Fava beans. Baghali can be used fresh, frozen or dried. I prefer to use the frozen beans, and always have a couple of packets in the freezer. Baghali Polo is a popular Iranian rice dish with dill. If using the…

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  • Adas – Green Lentils

    Adas – Green Lentils

    Adas or more commonly known in the west as Green Lentils is an inexpensive source of protein. Adas – green lentils – is the main ingredient for Adas Polo. Adas is readily available from regular supermarkets, either tinned or dried. The dried version requires cooking prior to using in rice dishes. Simply rapid boil in…

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  • Zereshk – Barberry

    Zereshk – Barberry

    Zereshk, or Barberry is a small, sour, red berry. Used in Persian rices dishes or to add interest to jams and jellies, this berry is available dried from Persian or Afghani grocery stores.

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  • Yoghurt


    Yoghurt is a dairy product produced by adding a culture to milk and allowing to incubate producing a thick substance. Yoghurt used in traditional Persian cooking is very thick and unsweetened.Greek yoghurt is a good substitution.

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  • Spinach


    A green leafy vegetable high in iron. Use either English spinach or Baby spinach leaves.

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  • Salep


    A white flour made from grinding the dried tubers of an Orchid species. Salep is the “secret ingredient” to Persian Ice cream or Bastani Salabi. salep is more commonly used in a traditional Turkish drink when mixed with hot milk. Sometimes salep is hard to find, but look in Turkish grocers as a drink mix…

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  • Rose Water

    Rose Water

    Rose water, a by product of the production of Rose Oil is used extensively in Persian and Middle Eastern Cuisines. Rose Water can have an overpowering effect, so use sparingly until you are used to the strength. Rose Water is available at Persian or Middle Eastern grocery stores. Be careful when using rosewater purchased at…

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  • Tomato Paste

    Tomato Paste

    Traditional Tomato Paste is strong, thick and slightly sour. It is used to add a rich summer flavour to the winter soups and stews of Iran. Always try to use a Persian or Middle Eastern variety of Tomato Paste as it seems to be richer and slightly more sour than the varieties produced in the…

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  • Dried Lime

    Dried Lime

    Limoo Amani, or dried lime is used extensively in Persian recipes as a souring agent. Used either whole, or crushed, these dried limes are available from Persian or Afghani grocery stores. They are easily dried at home with details in the Hints and Tips pages.

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  • Khiar Shoor

    Khiar Shoor

    A salted pickled cucumber in brine and herb. These range in size from small, gherkin size to as big as a dill cucumber. Specifically, these do not have any sugar added in the pickling process.

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